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At SoftXways, we are not only developers of IT and software solutions. We are architects that identify all technical needs and problems and transform them into practical solutions. All SoftXways development processes utilize Solution Architecture methods to secure the success of your project through structure and reduced complexity.

We offer our assistance in any software development project, where processes of Solution Architecture are needed – both as the primary lead on your project or as a consulting service. Engaging in Solution Architecture involves the process of identifying business problems and solving them with systems or software to replace the inadequate tools employed before.

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Our Solution Architecture services also include forming the guidelines and rules for employment and use of the solution in your organization. Combined with a thorough evaluation of all external factors impacting the project, this reduces failure of the final solution and facilitates a successful implementation.

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It is our mission to be the leading consulting partner in the IT and SaaS development markets.

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Testing and implementing processes to ensure a high degree of quality are vital parts of any software development process.